Market Update – May 2017

I take great pride in continuously working to be the best Las Vegas mortgage advisor and preparing myself to help my clients with any of their mortgage needs. As part of this preparation, I update my knowledge of the local market by analyzing the most recent market reports and retaining that information to help my clients who are searching for homes in the local area.

As of February 2017, there were 5,564 available residential single-family properties listed on the market in Las Vegas without pending offers. This number is down 4.9% from the month before and 24.1% year over year.

The average listing price for these available homes was reported at $523,455. This average price is elevated when it is considered in comparison with the average listing price for available homes with existing offers. The average listing price for these homes was reported at $408,469 in February of 2017.

Las Vegas home owners put 3,312 properties up for sale in February, which is surprisingly a decrease from both the month and year before.

Though there have not been as many homes listed on the market in the recent months, there have been more homes sold. In February of 2017, there was a total of 2,249 residential single-family units sold. This figure is up almost 5% from January of 2017 and 6.5% from February of 2016.

The current median listing price for homes in the Las Vegas market, according to a reputable real estate website, is $258,000 with a median price per square foot of $130.

Whether you are looking to purchase a home or refinance your current mortgage, as a Las Vegas mortgage professional, I am proud to be your source of information as you move through the mortgage process.

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Las Vegas Mortgage | Tips for Meeting with Your Loan Advisor

As a Las Vegas mortgage professional, I understand that applying for a home loan without the help of a professional loan officer makes the entire process of obtaining a mortgage more complex and intimidating. You may have countless questions about the process and surfing the internet to acquire this knowledge just doesn’t quite come close enough. You might even be nervous about your initial meeting with a loan advisor, but this meeting is in place so you have the opportunity to actually ask your questions, one on one, with a knowledgeable advisor. Don’t hold back!  When you schedule a meeting with a trusted loan advisor like me, you are being given the opportunity to ask away. Take advantage of my knowledge and the one on one time you have with a loan advisor and make the most of the questions you ask. Do your research ahead of time. Any information you feel that you should know and aspects of the mortgage process you may not be familiar with, are fair game. This way you know that you have all your bases covered when you are asking your questions Always keep in mind that while this meeting is the perfect time for you to ask your questions it is also the time for your mortgage advisor to do the same. Go into the meeting with the expectation that your advisor will also be asking detailed questions regarding your current finances and future goals. The more detailed their questions and the more thorough your answers, the better. This is what will help them narrow down the product(s) they offer to fit your needs. More precisely, this will reduce the intimidating feeling of choosing from among the different loan programs such as 10% down, 30 year fixed or an adjustable rate mortgage. You will be able to decrease the number of questions your advisor has for you by providing all the necessary financial documentation at your initial meeting. This list of documents will be provided to you by your professional or email me and I will provide you the list. I am proud to offer my 15 years of expertise as you begin to navigate your way through the Las Vegas mortgage process and I am happy to answer all the questions you may have regarding any aspect of the mortgage process. Call me today at (702) 683-8770 to schedule your initial mortgage consultation and you won’t be disappointed with the money you save!

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